You will need a smartphone, either an Android or iPhone.

The application supports devices operating on:  

  • Android 6.1 + (Android 7+ is recommended)
  •  IOS 13.1 +

You also need access to the Internet in order to be able to use the application.

The Application works only on devices with the original Android or IOS operating system. It is not possible to use the App without the standard operating system security settings, as this exposes you to the risk of malware and unauthorised access to the App's protected memory. If the operating system on your phone has been modified, reinstall the current version of the operating system or log into the App from another device.

Tip 1: If you are not sure if the device supports our application, check on the internet what is the highest software it can install. 

Tip 2: If your device doesn't have a NFC option, you can first create an account on another device and then log in as an existing user on a different phone. 

Tip 3: To install the current version of the operating system on your phone:


1. Open the Settings application on your phone. 2.

2. At the bottom, click System Update.

3. The update status will appear. Follow the on-screen instructions.


Select Settings > General > Updates. Tap Automatic updates, and then turn on Download iOS updates. Enable the Install iOS Updates option. The update to the latest version of iOS or iPadOS is performed automatically.