We will retain your personal data for the duration required for the purposes of processing as set out below, in order to comply with applicable laws and regulations or as is necessary with regard to our operational requirements, such as account maintenance, facilitating client relationship management, and responding to legal claims or regulatory requests.

The period for which we will retain information about you will vary depending on the type of information and the purposes that we use it for. For instance:

  • Data used for anti-money laundering (AML) purposes - for 10 years of the single transaction or the end of the contractual relationship.
  • Data kept as a proof of transactions - for 10 years from processing of the transaction concerned.
  • Member complaints - for 5 years from the complaint concerned.
  • Prospects data used for marketing purposes (upon individual consent) - for 3 years from the collection of the data concerned.
  • FATCA and CRS documents - for 7 years from the 1st of January following the year of account closing, the statement or the operation.