You may top up your AION account using a card of your choice.
1) In order to do so go to Finances section in the application -> select the account you would like to top up -> click on the yellow icon "top up account". 

2) If you do it for the first time you need to add a new card : select "add new" ->  take a clear picture of a card (the option will be available in your app) -> check whether the card data was correctly completed by the scanning system -> add missing data when necessary -> confirm. 

3) Once card added select the card to do the top up  -> select the amount -> confirm the transaction. 


The minimum amount for a top up is 10 EUR. 

The maximum amount varies depending on the membership :

Personal LightPersonal PremiumBusiness BasicBusiness Premium
1 000EUR20 000EUR10 000EUR50 000EUR