With Aion, you can enjoy best foreign exchange rates, and fast transfers both domestically and internationally.

To start making bank transfers with Aion, follow the guide below. You can use it to make one-off payments, as well as set regular transfers which repeat on a specific date.

Log in to your Aion app.mceclip0.png
From the navigation bar in the bottom, select Transfers.blobid1.png
At the top, select "To new contact" to add a new recipient.blobid2.png
Type the name, address, and account number of the recipient, and select NEXT.blobid3.png

On the next screen, type the value you would like to send, and select currency and source account.

Here you can also select the type of your transfer:

  • Regular Transfer - this is the standard money bank transfer which typically arrives on the next day.
  • Express Transfer - this is a faster money transfer which arrives within minutes.
  • Deferred Transfer - you can specify the date in the future when the transfer will be sent.
  • Standing Order - you can set this transfer to repeat regularly.
Confirm the details and done! Your transfer has been sent or scheduled.mceclip0.png