For now, only members with their fiscal residency in Belgium and Premium membership can apply for a credit card at Aion through the application. 

If you are not a Belgian tax resident you may contact our customer support via chat to see what the possibilities are for you.

If you are a Premium member and have Belgian fiscal residency, go to Finances tab, and click on "Order new credit card". You will start a new credit card application after clicking on "Start application". Credit Card is a credit product, thus we will need to verify your income and some other additional information.

1. Enter your monthly credit card limit.

2. Enter your civil status

3. Enter your costs and expenses

4. Verify your existing loans, if any

5. Choose the offer

6. Verify your income by logging in to your bank. If not on the list, please contact us via chat

7. Wait for the verification. We will notify you once it's done

8. Once the digital card is created you'll be able to order a physical card to a specified address. 

How to order a physical card and when will it be delivered?