The Money Bank Guarantee is available to retail members residing in Belgium, having an active Premium Membership for at least twelve consecutive months and having paid their membership fee and all other amounts (if any) due to the Bank in due time.

When is a membership considered active?

To be eligible, you need an active Premium Membership, which was activated after 1 July 2020.

You will be considered as having an active membership if, during the period of twelve months following the start date of your membership:

  1. you receive a total amount of at least 500 EUR per calendar month on one or more of your account(s) opened with Aion;
  2. you neither terminate your membership, nor downgrade to a Light membership, and Aion has not decided to terminate the relationship with you in accordance with its Terms and Conditions;
  3. you consistently and continuously comply with all its contractual and legal obligations towards Aion
  4. you do not benefit from other promotions on the membership fees (for instance a 3 months’ free trial);
  5. you activate at least one of the following services: Loans, Deposits, Max Bills, Asset Management, Insurance Services.

The Money Back Guarantee promotion ended on 31 March 2021 (i.e. only persons who onboarded before this date had any chance to use this promotion).