Everything which is offered in Light membership and:

  • Additional accounts in EUR or USD, CHF, GBP, PLN

  • Max Bills
    Get the best market offers for power, gas and mobile phones. We work for you and only for you - we put all commissions and fees back where they belong: to your pocket. First we run a simulation of indicative saving opportunities you have, and then we can assist you in the switching process.

  • Max Shopping
    It is a service which helps you save money on your online purchases, after you made them. In the past, you might have noticed the price of an item drop after you buy it. Now, we are going to negotiate a compensation for you when it happens.

  • Max Travel
    It is a service which helps you find different potentially cheaper, alternatives for your travel plans.

  • AdviseME -┬áspecial service where we help you optimise your finances and budget
  • ETF-based asset management
    Investing must be simple and available for everyone - this is why we use the newest technology to help you. No need to spend your free time to manage your investments, because you get the service which so far was dedicated to private banking: your investments are placed with the best worldwide ETF providers, at no extra costs.

    Some or all of the services may not be available for residents of Eligible Countries other than Belgium.